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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New “Stars on Cars” Rule Will Help Consumers Evaluate Safety of New Cars

Expanded Window Sticker to Supply Buyers with Safety Rating Details Starting in 2008

According to a new federal rule announced by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, auto manufacturers must exhibit the government's star safety ratings on every new vehicle with a price sticker. The new rule, announced by NHTSA Administrator Nicole Nason and Ohio Senator Mike DeWine, calls for an expanded window sticker which will supply potential buyers with safety rating details about new vehicles.

The number of stars on the sticker measures safety information about the vehicle. Starting with 2008 models, manufacturers must display NHTSA’s star safety rating information on the window sticker of new motor vehicles.

NHTSA safety ratings will be displayed on new vehicle price stickers concerning three areas – front and side crash, and non-destructive rollover tests. All three tests use the five-star rating, with five stars being the safest.

"Senator DeWine, a strong advocate for highway safety, has done a great service for consumers by demanding that vehicle safety information be included on the sticker as well," Nason said. "By making safety a selling point, it is my hope that this rule will encourage the faster development of these kinds of technologies."

"By placing safety ratings directly on new car window stickers, consumers will have the ability to make more informed decisions right there on the car sales lot," said Senator DeWine, who sponsored the legislation creating the "Stars on Cars" program, which was included in the 2005 highway bill. "This measure just makes sense."

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