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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Louisiana 10th Annual Drive Safely Work Week Observed

Driver Safety in the "Mobile Workplace" Stressed

As part of a campaign to inform employers throughout the state to educate their employees about driving safely in the "mobile workplace," the Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation (LWCC) is observed the 10th annual Drive Safely Work Week national campaign from October 2 - 6, which is sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS).

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, a motor vehicle crash occurs every five seconds; every 10 seconds an injury occurs, and every 12 minutes a person dies in a job-related vehicle crash.

Not all injuries occur at a physical workplace, says Mike Dileo, vice president of operations for LWCC. "The fact is," he says, "many injuries occur while employees are driving on company business. Employers could greatly reduce risk, while protecting their company's bottom line, by implementing a workplace driver safety program."

Vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death and injury in the nation's workforce, but the good news is that there are ways for employers to prevent these accidents and encourage responsible driving. For example, companies can create written policies and procedures, allot for continuous driver training, perform motor vehicle record checks and reward employees who adhere to safe driving policies in the workplace.

"LWCC recognizes that for many employees their vehicle is their workplace," Dileo says. "For companies with fleets of vehicles, it is especially crucial for driver safety education to be instituted by management, enforced by supervisors and adhered to by all."

NETS has created a 10-Step Program, as outlined by OSHA, to establish guidelines for what an employer can do to improve traffic safety performance and reduce the risk of motor vehicle crashes. Observance of these 10 steps can also help a company lower its insurance costs as well.

10 Ways Employers Can Minimize Crash Risk:

1. Senior management and employee involvement in a workplace driver safety program
2. Written policies and procedures
3. Driver agreements
4. Motor Vehicle Record checks
5. Crash reporting and investigation
7. Disciplinary action system
8. Reward/incentive program
9. Driver training/communication
10. Regulatory compliance

10 Ways Employees Can Prevent Accidents While Driving for Company Business:

1. Plan your route
2. Maintain your vehicle
3. Focus your attention
4. Minimize your distractions
5. Know your surroundings
6. Share your space
7. Watch your speed
8. Keep your distance
9. Signal your intentions
10. Always wear your seat belt

*For a link to the NETS 10-Step Program, visit LWCC's Web site at

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