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Thursday, November 09, 2006

InCab University And ITI Unite to Introduce InCab Driver Safety Training And Testing

Drivers Can Complete Training From Comfort of Their Truck Cab

Truck drivers across the USA now have the opportunity to complete their driver and safety training and earn a college degree without leaving their cab. InCab University (InCab U), the only accredited collegiate education program for truck drivers, recently reached an agreement with Instructional Technologies, Inc. (ITI) to offer its TREAD-1 computer-based driver training within InCab U’s set of courses.

TREAD-1 is an interactive computer training system for truck drivers and is now available to all InCab University students from within the cab of their trucks. TREAD-1’s always-expanding curriculum currently offers over 30 of courses created for truck drivers in the subject areas of operations, regulations, and safety. Through a specially designed network, drivers can receive education and training over any Internet-enabled PC or InCab computer device.

The new accord merges InCab University's academic curriculum with TREAD-1's safety courses, giving fleets the ability to instruct drivers without directing them back into a home terminal. According to Craig Fuller, Chief Executive Officer of InCab University, access to driver and safety training has become of paramount importance. "Fleets are demanding more and more options when it comes to training, and the goal is to do this without the driver ever having to step foot inside a terminal." Mr. Fuller continued, "TREAD-1 is the industry leader in interactive driver training and in conjunction with InCab U's program of study, this agreement will allow all students to complete training on their own time from the ease of their truck. We are simply building on our motto of 'Learning for the Long Haul'."

The trucking industry has been waiting for years for an effective company like InCab University to make good on ITI's promise to better the drivers' lives, says ITI Executive Vice President E. Bruce Weiss. "The cab is the principle workplace for the driver, and in the past it hasn't offered much beyond TV and boredom in his off-time," he enthused. "Providing this rich experience is great for the driver and for the trucking industry. Beyond that, our fleet clients are always looking for new and convenient ways to distribute our safety training to their drivers. InCab University is an ideal extension of our current distribution channels."

As part of the agreement, fleets will be able to log on to TREAD-1's training curriculum through InCab University. Fleets that are currently using TREAD-1's content will have the opportunity to offer their drivers accredited college through InCab U.

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