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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pedestrian Safety Tips

SevenWays to Stay Safe on the Sidewalks

Here are some tips from the National Highway Safety Administration on how to stay safe while walking along roads and streets:
  • Always take the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk and you have no choice but to walk in the road, always walk facing traffic, so you can see any car that might not see you.

  • Dress so drivers can see you. Brightly colored clothing makes it easier to be seen. Wear clothes with special reflective material at night to reflect the headlights of cars coming towards you.

  • Cross the street only at corners or marked crosswalks.

  • Stop at the curb. Do not stand in the road.

  • Look left, and then right, then left again, before you step into the street.

  • If you see a car, do not attempt to "beat it" across the road. Wait until it goes by. Then look left, right and left again to make sure no cars are coming.

  • If a car is parked where you are crossing, make sure there is no driver in the car. If there is a driver in the vehicle, make sure she or he sees you and is aware that you are attempting to cross the road.
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