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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back-to-School Safety Tips For Adults and Kids

Schools Will Soon Be Back In Session; Keep These Safety Tips In Mind While Traveling:

Whether you're driving an auto, riding a bike, walking, or taking a bus to school, be a good role model for other kids and parents by always making the right safety choices every day:

School Bus Riders:
  • Never play in the street when you are waiting for the bus.
  • Before you cross the street, wait for the bus driver to give you the "all clear" signal. Make sure the driver can see you by walking at least 10 steps away from the front of the bus.
  • Never climb or reach under the bus to get something that fell there.
  • Remain seated at all times while you're inside the bus.
  • Do not shout or distract the driver unless it's necessarily.
  • Go directly to the sidewalk and out of traffic after getting off the bus.
Walkers or Bike Riders:
  • Always walk to and from school with friends.
  • Heed all traffic signals and crossing guards along the route.
  • When riding your bike, always wear a helmet.
Drivers and Passengers:
  • Every person in the vehicle must always wear their seat belt.
  • Avoid the need for children to cross the street by dropping them off as close to school as possible.
  • Obey all posted speed limits.
  • When the red lights are flashing on a school bus, you must STOP. Wait for a few extra minutes after the bus is gone to be sure there are no children present.
  • Drivers must always yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Remind teenagers to take extra care if they are driving to school or riding with other teenage drivers.
Along with motor vehicle safety, driver education helps ensure the safety of Americans. Whether you're getting your Commercial Drivers License, your Learner's Permit, or your Motorcycle License, America's Driver's License Headquarters is

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