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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New School Assembly Show Unveiled by Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Broadband Challenges Teens to Think About the Consequences of Their Decisions

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is kicking off the new school year by unveiling its new school assembly show, Broadband.

Broadband, designed for secondary schools, is a fast paced, high-tech look at real life issues teens face every day.

The 10th school assembly show in the MADD's long line of award-winning shows, Broadband takes a fresh look at the kinds of issues teens deal with every day:
  • Teen driving safety
  • Media and advertising pressure
  • Law enforcement
  • Substance abuse
  • Consequences
  • Choices
  • Empowerment
The show includes popular movie clips, music videos, and songs teens listen to. Along with teen interviews, the show's host educates teens on the challenges and consequences of their decisions. It also features a heartbreaking, tragic and true story of three underage drinkers who perished in a deadly crash.

The show also makes it obvious to young drivers that being of legal age to drive doesn't mean they're mature enough to drive. Teens are being asked to challenge themselves to become more aware of the dangers that come with the responsibility of driving, and to learn more before getting behind the wheel.

Broadband also exposes the falsehoods teens believe about police officers and urges them to get involved in their community through such MADD programs as Youth In Action, Protecting You/Protecting Me or Strides for Change.

For more information about Broadband and other available resources available or to schedule a showing, visit

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