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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winner of Super Bowl XLII Alcohol Responsibility Initiative to Receive Super Bowl Tickets

Team Up to Reward Alcohol Responsibility

To reward safe driving and alcohol responsibility, Coors Brewing Company is teaming up with a national grassroots drunk driving prevention organization, the HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers®. An individual in Arizona who has demonstrated a commitment to alcohol awareness and responsibility will win two tickets to Super Bowl XLII.

Through the Coors Super Bowl "Be A HERO" Responsibility Contest, being run in conjunction with MIX Radio in Phoenix, an Arizona resident who has shown a longstanding and recognizable dedication to preventing drunk driving will be given two tickets to the Super Bowl game in Arizona on Feb. 3, 2008. Candidates may include, but are not limited to, a designated driver who was responsible for bringing a group of his or her friends home after a night of partying; a person who created a safe ride home program; or a person involved in an alcohol awareness task force.

"We are proud to partner with Coors on this important initiative to promote the use of sober designated drivers and prevent drunk driving in Arizona," said chairman of the HERO Campaign Bill Elliott. "Our goal is to make the use of designated drivers as automatic as wearing a seatbelt."

"Coors Brewing Company is very pleased to have third-party partners in this Super Bowl program who have the same values and goals that we have -- as it relates to alcohol responsibility," said Ed Van Den Ameele, field manager, Alcohol Responsibility, Coors Brewing Company. "We have had a successful and outstanding relationship with Bill Elliott and the HERO Campaign for the past several years."

Bill and Muriel Elliott of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, established the HERO Campaign after their son, Ensign John Elliott, perished in a head-on collision with a drunk driver shortly after graduating from the United States Naval Academy in May of 2000.

To prevent drunk driving tragedies, the HERO Campaign promotes the use of safe and sober designated drivers. It has also urged new state and national legislation, including New Jersey's adoption of "John's Law 1" in 2001, which allows police to impound the cars of drunken drivers for up to 12 hours. Two years later, NJ approved "John's Law 2," which requires police to keep DUI suspects in custody for up to eight hours. In 2005, President Bush also signed a federal version of John's Law, which gives highway safety grant incentives to states who adopt DUI car impoundments. Two other states, Maryland and Massachusetts, have already put this legislation into effect. For more information on the HERO Campaign, log on to

MIX Radio in Phoenix, through its contest website page at, accepted nominations and in person from the beginning of January through January 11. Mailed entries and/or entries hand-delivered to MIX Radio headquarters were accepted until 11:59 p.m. on January 14. Mailed entries were to be postmarked by January 11.

The top 20 semi-finalists will be posted on the MIX website for voting by the general public between January 15 through January 20.

A panel of judges from the Arizona Governor’s Office for Highway Safety, the Arizona Licensed Beverage Association, and the Arizona Business Council for Alcohol Education – and the HERO Campaign will choose the Grand Prize Winner from the top five nominees. The Grand Prize Winner will be named January 29.

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