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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Service Sends Instant Safety Recall Information Emails Automatically

Sign Up Now to Receive Safety Seat and Tire Recall Information

United States Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters recently announced that as part of a new federal government notification service, consumers will be able to get important safety updates about child seats and tire recalls automatically e-mailed or sent to their PDA devices.

"Signing up for this service is one of the easiest things you can do to help protect yourself and the lives of your children," Secretary Peters said. "We can’t afford to let safety get lost in the mail."

The Secretary pointed out that the new system concentrates on safety seat and tire recall information because historically, fewer consumers have responded to these important safety updates. The fact is that less than one-third of affected consumers respond to the tire recalls, and less than fifty percent of affected consumers respond to child seat recalls.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Deputy Administrator James F. Ports, Jr., said, "When a product is defective, we want to do everything to get those unsafe products off the market."

To register for the new notification service, Administrator Ports asked consumers to visit and click on the "E-mail" or "RSS" option. He reminded consumers, however, that even if they sign up for the new notification service, they should continue to register their safety seats and tires with manufacturers. According to Administrator Ports, registering child seats and tires allows manufacturers to contact purchasers about recalls in a timely fashion and lets them to offer additional details and instructions about the recalls.

To make it easier for consumers to register safety seats directly with manufacturers, the Department has even added a feature to its "" Web site. To take advantage of this service, click on the "Register your child restraint online" link.

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