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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Princess Tours Offers Driver Training Program to Prepare Students for Alaska Summer

Students Earn College Credit for Learning to Drive

Princess Tours annually presents students an opportunity to prepare for summer jobs in Alaska by completing a Commercial Driver Training Program that makes them eligible to guide visitors throughout the state in the company's deluxe motor coaches. This year, however, the University of Alaska Fairbanks will give them college credit for completing the program, which can be transferred to schools across the country. Princess is the first tour company in Alaska that enables students to earn university credits by completing the commercial driver-training program.

Starting this spring, those employees participating in the training program will qualify to receive three credits for the Transportation and Logistics management course in the Applied Business Department from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF).

The program prepares students to become Princess Driver-Guides, providing tours for visitors on various routes throughout Alaska during the company's Alaska summer season, beginning May 4, 2008. To give guests more appreciation of the state's many attractions, driver guides often also provide narrative information to guests. They are also expected to learn basic maintenance and mechanical duties.

Bruce Bustamante, Princess' vice president of community and public affairs, said, "We're so pleased that The University of Alaska Fairbanks has recognized the high quality of our driver training programs by deeming them worthy of college credits. And we're very proud to be the state's first tour company to offer college credit for such a program. This new element gives students an additional benefit as they train to become Princess Tours Driver-Guides, and it further demonstrates our commitment to the excellence of this program."

Employees registered in any Princess Commercial Driver Training Programs are eligible to register for the class. Students are eligible to receive three credits from UAF, a nationally accredited university, as well as be eligible for other UAF benefits. To give students who attend other universities the opportunity to benefit from the program, the credits are fully transferable.

"We are excited to partner with Princess Tours,” said Professor Charlie Dexter, who coordinates the department that houses UAF's Tourism Certificate and AAS Degree. “They are an outstanding and valued corporation, which employs many of our graduates."

The Princess Tours Commercial Driver Training program has grown over the past 15 years from a small training program to a state-of-the-art school that includes a Web-based manual covering everything from vehicle inspections to safe driving and mechanical troubleshooting of a motorbus. The Princess Tours Driver Safety and Training Department developed and produced presentations and training videos for new driver classroom instruction. For more information about the Commercial Driver Training program and Princess Tours careers in Alaska, visit

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