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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is Your Teen a Safe Driver?

National Safety Commission Debuts New Web Site to Promote Safe Driving Practices

Brandon Donaldson, 16, was headed to the movies when he took chances behind the wheel of an automobile. When he reached 80 mph, his car hydroplaned. Donaldson, who was not wearing his seat belt, was thrown from the car.

This Tallahassee, Florida, native was lucky. Today, Donaldson only has a few scars to show from his terrible crash. Yet he knows the outcome could have been much worse. Recently, the Leon High School student spoke about the crash at a news conference, urging fellow students to "make smarter decisions."

Statistics from The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration show that vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death and serious injury for teenagers.

That's why Colonel Christopher A. Knight (ret.), Executive Director of the National Safety Commission and former Director of the Florida Highway Patrol, recently announced a new course developed to emphasize driving safety for teenagers, found at

"Teen drivers lack experience behind the wheel," said Knight. "Many develop a comfort level while driving where they fall into an 'It Won’t Happen to Me' syndrome. It's a mindset where teen drivers believe there’s no chance that he or she will be involved in a traffic crash."

To help improve young people's awareness of the serious responsibility that comes with operating an automobile, the National Safety Commission is introducing an online driver improvement training course proven to reduce repeat crashes and moving violations.

By enrolling in the guided Teen Injury Prevention course, young adults will learn general safe driving techniques, road rules, and regulations, including speed limits and seat belt laws. Parents are sent an electronic NSC-approved certificate upon completion of the 40-question final exam.

A leader in safety training, the National Safety Commission provides courses to consumers and businesses in all 50 states and over a dozen countries. Believing that "Safety is No Accident," the NSC aims to increase awareness of important safety issues that deal with highway and traffic safety information.

"As a parent of a teen driver, I'm concerned with the careless and unsafe driving habits," said Colonel Knight. "This new course reminds teenagers that they are not invincible. They could become a statistic if they do not develop safe driving habits now."

For more information about the Teen Injury Prevention course, including a Driver Education Book for Parents, Monthly Teen Driving Newsletter, and a Parent/Teen Driving Contract, visit

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