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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

It’s Christmas shopping time again and that means thieves and predators will be out in force so this is a good time to remind you of a few simple safety tips to keep your shopping experience safe and enjoyable.

• Try to do all your shopping during daytime hours, if possible.

• If possible, don’t go shopping alone; take a friend or relative along. It may take a bit longer but there is safety in numbers.

• Even if it takes a bit longer, try to find a parking place as close to the store or mall as possible.

• If you can’t park close to the store or mall, pick a well lit space to park.

• Make sure you always lock your car.

• Don’t leave any purchases in plain view in your car. Place them in the trunk or, if you don’t have a trunk, cover them with a blanket or something similar.

• Don’t carry too many packages at once. That makes you an easy target. Before you accumulate too many packages, return them to your car and lock them up securely.

• Save your most expensive purchases for the end of your shopping trip.

• If possible, don’t carry a purse. If you must carry a purse, loop it over your head and under your arm to make it more difficult to snatch. Always keep your purse close to your body, never in a shopping cart and never leave it open.

• Men should carry their wallet in a front pocket to make it harder to steal.

• Watch for people who may bump into you or try to distract you in some other way. They may be setting you up for pick-pocketing.

• Never use a video arcade, toy store, or a movie theater as a baby sitter. Predators are on the prowl looking for unattended kids at this time of year. If you must take a child shopping with you, use the following tips:
o Make sure the child is well rested and fed.
o Once inside the store or mall, remove jackets, gloves, etc. that can make the child uncomfortable inside a warm building.
o Always keep your child in sight.
o Take some snacks and a toy along to keep the child occupied and satisfied.

• If you are parked away from the store, ask a store employee or mall security guard to escort you to your car.

• When you leave the store, especially at night, have your keys ready in your hand. Jumbling packages and fumbling through a purse for keys makes you an easy target. Keep an alarm or a can of mace on your key chain for self protection.

• If you have a key-less entry system, don’t unlock your car until you are next to it. The chirping noise and flashing lights could alert a potential thief when you are most vulnerable. For the same reason, don’t use your key-less system to locate your car. If necessary, write down your parking location before you leave the car.

• Once you arrive at your car, enter it as quickly as possible, lock the doors, and start the engine.

• Don’t put your packages in the front seat. Packages sliding forward onto the floor when you hit the brakes can be a major distraction. Taking your eyes off the road, even for just a second, can lead to catastrophe.

• Don’t pile your packages so high in the back that seat you have trouble seeing through your rear view mirror. The trunk is the best place for your packages.

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Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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