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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Technology Improves Fleet Safety, Efficiency, Production

Liberty Northwest Introduces Onboard Advisor for Commercial Trucking Fleets

Onboard Advisor, a first-of-its-kind fleet management solution that allows companies to improve fleet safety and performance, save on commercial auto insurance premiums, and more, is being offered by Liberty Northwest to commercial fleets in its five-state territory.

Onboard Advisor's real-time tracking and performance accountability features can also help fleet owners reduce fuel, maintenance, and overtime expenses.

"With all of the GPS-based products on the market, Onboard Advisor is the first to harness multiple technologies to do much more than simply show where vehicles are located. This is a unique solution that can yield month-to-month fleet cost savings as well as substantial annual insurance premium discounts," said Thomas M. Troy, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Liberty Mutual Agency Markets' Regional Companies Group.

In the first year with a Liberty Northwest commercial auto policy, Onboard Advisor's Insurance Advisor rewards safe fleet management with an average discount of 15%. A maximum discount of up to 40%, based on fleet performance, is possible in renewal years. Because there are no up-front costs and only a low monthly per-unit fee for the fully integrated fleet management solution, companies can start saving immediately.

How Onboard Advisor Works
Mobile Advisor is a GPS-based tracking tool that updates a vehicle's position every two minutes. Fleet managers can set up alerts to monitor driving or to map or optimize routes as traffic circumstances demand. Mobile Advisor generates one-click trip reports, specific to each vehicle.

In addition, Onboard Advisor's market differentiator, Performance Advisor, powers the safety function by collecting in-depth driver and vehicle data and sending updates to a fleet manager's desktop dashboard. Performance Advisor uses onboard sensors to determine unsafe driving and inefficient fuel economy. Then it scores each vehicle in a fleet, allowing managers to easily single out drivers who contribute positively to overall safety and productivity. Over the course of a week, color-coded icons reveal precisely what driving behaviors were factors to high, medium, or low risks during trips.

"We've developed these tools so companies can improve driver and vehicle safety performance and pro-actively manage their fleets," said Julie A. Burnett, Liberty Northwest's president and chief executive officer. "With improved safety and the potential for significant insurance discounts, we believe Onboard Advisor will bring our customers real value."

An additional component of Onboard Advisor is Fuel Advisor, a free fuel card and monitoring program that offers up to three cents off every gallon of gas purchased at nearly all major national and regional gas stations across the nation. Fuel Advisor monitors spending online by capturing driver ID and odometer readings to make sure a company vehicle is being fueled and a driver is not making unauthorized purchases.

To learn more about Onboard Advisor, go to or call 877-803-5338.

Is your teen a safe driver? The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has developed a new Teen Injury Prevention course to emphasize driving safety for teenagers. For more information, including a Driver Education Book for Parents, visit

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