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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Look Into Designated Driving Services

With the risks associated with drunk driving, there has been an increase in the number of professional designated driver services. These are either companies dedicated to having professional drivers sent to where a client is and have them driven home in their own car, or extensions of transportation or chauffeur services or sometimes local volunteer organizations to prevent drunk driving.

If you plan to attend an event where there will be alcoholic drinks, consider a driving service in your area similar to some of these highlighted below in Washington, Texas, Georgia, California, Pennsylvania and North Carolina:

Zingo, several states
( - When you call up Zingo, insured professional drivers will arrive in a foldable bike, store the bike in your trunk, take your keys and drive you home. Fees are $20 for initial pick-up and $2/mile plus tip. Services are available Tues-Wed 9PM – 2AM and Thurs-Sat 9PM – 4 AM otherwise, the service is closed on Sundays/Mondays. What's great about Zingo is that their services are available in several states.

Sober Rovers, Washington State ( – Available in Washington state, Sober Rovers are scooter-riding professional drivers who pick up a client and deliver them safely home for $3 pick-up fee and $7 per mile. ($5 per mile after 10 miles) There's even a special promo for a Rover Miles card, which lowers the rate to a flat $5 per mile.

My Private Driver, several areas in Texas and L.A. Orange County ( – This is a new service offered by My Private Driver, a transportation company. There are currently 2 options for their designated driver service: Option 1 "On Demand", which is currently only available in Addison, TX. Once a call has been made, a driver will be dispatched to a client's current location, deliver the client in their car to their home, and the company will send in someone to pick up the driver. Option 2 "Personal Designated Driver", is basically hiring a driver for the night, meaning that clients won't even have to get in the driver's seat for a night out. The service will start from the client's home and will end in the same location. Rates are $28 per hour.

The Pear Transportation, Pittsburgh ( - Touting themselves as the only designated driver service in Pittsburgh. For a pick-up fee of $20 and $2 per mile, a professional driver is dispatched to where a client needs to be picked up, drives the client in their car home and then The Pear will send a runner for the driver.

Buzzed Home, Asheville, North Carolina ( – Upon contact, a driver will be sent to the client's location in a foldable scooter, drive the client home in their car and leave using the scooter. This service is available only in Asheville, with their schedules being Thurs-Sat, 8PM – 2:30AM. Rates are $25 for up to 4 miles and $3.50 per additional mile, plus driver tip.

There are other services available, varying in how they dispatch drivers and location operations. The companies all state they use a methodical screening process for how they pick their drivers. These services may cost a little bit more than a cab ride home, but it beats the alternative of potentially driving under the influence. This also ensures you do not have to leave your car parked overnight, potentially accumulating overnight parking fees, and you having to pick it up the following day.

Be responsible; consider a designated driving service over the alternative to help keep our roads safe!

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