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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Florida Traffic Violations and Fees

The first question a driver asks himself when receiving a traffic ticket is: how much will it cost? The fees depend on the violation and in which county the violation occurs. While the state will asses a fine, each county has the option of adding their own fees. Here's a list of the more common Florida traffic violations and a sampling of the fees that come with them.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
– The ticket fees for a first-time DUI range from $500 to $1000. They increase to a minimum $1000-$2000, if the Blood Alcohol Level is over .15 percent or have a minor in the vehicle. Six points will be added to the driving record. The driver will be required to attend educational courses, pay for and complete six months probation Jail time of not more than one year, and driver's license suspension for up to 180 days. These fees do not include court costs, vehicle impounding fees or increased insurance costs.

Speeding – The fees for speeding in Florida range from $141 to $441 depending on the miles over the speed limit a driver goes. Three points to be added to the driving record. The driver will be required to attend a driver improvement course, also known as traffic school. The court may decide if there is jail time. Depending on the speeding violation, driver's license revocation is possible.

No Driver's License
– Driving without obtaining a driver's license is a $101 infraction plus any other fees that are added on by the courts. The driver will be required to attend the necessary driver's education course to achieve license/permit. Jail time is possible and the courts will decide for how long the driver will be prohibited from driving.

Running a Red Light/Stop Sign – Red light running or running a stop sign will cost from $125.50 to $151. Four points will be added to the driving record. The driver may attend a driver improvement course to reduce points, but this will be required for a second offense on red light running.

Speeding in a school zone
– School zones are special areas and speeding in them may cost $125.50 to $151. Four points will be added to the driving record. The driver may attend driver improvement to reduce points. Jail time and driver's license suspension will be up to the court's discretion.

There are several other violations, including having an open container in the vehicle (or one capable of being immediately consumed), improper lane change, child restraint violations and littering, each of which carry fines and point violations. To reduce stress and frustration, take a few minutes to review the Florida Driving Handbook and refresh your self on the violations and penalties involved.

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