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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Connecticut Law Motorcycle License Requirement

Before 2011, only 16-17 year old drivers looking for a motorcycle endorsement in Connecticut were the only ones required to take up a motorcycle safety course. After the new legislature has been passed, regardless of age, to be able to operate a motorcycle legally in the state, drivers have to undergo a motorcycle safety course.

This new requirement does not apply to Connecticut drivers who have already obtained the motorcycle endorsement or to those moving to Connecticut who already has the endorsement from their originating state.

The new course will include class sessions, skills training and a skills test, and will not be administered by the DMV, but by a pre-approved list of providers located all over the state. ( Applicants must also pass vision and knowledge tests.

The new requirement has been put into place to hopefully lessen vehicular crashes involving motorcycles and to ensure that motorcycle operators are fully-equipped with the skills and the knowledge required driving motorcycles properly and safely in the state of Connecticut.

Once done with the motorcycle safety course, the driver has to come to the nearest DMV to get the motorcycle endorsement put in their license.

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