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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learn How to Drive on your Spring Break

Mention the word "Spring Break" and images of vacations and getaways come to mind. The reality is: not everyone gets to go on spring break. While this may dishearten some teens, the good news is: it's a great time to learn how to drive!

Don't exactly know where to start? Here are some suggestions on getting started on some spring break learning:

  • Consider a visit to the DMV office. Different states have different requirements, so knowing these is a good start. Also, dropping by the DMV will allow you to get materials such as driver's manuals to help aide your study. This can also be done online, with most states having their own official DMV site.

  • Practice for your DMV written test online with a drivers license practice test. When completing the online course you're guaranteed to pass your written test.

  • If you're already have your learners permit, get practice. Most states require a minimum of 50 hours, so running errands at home can sometimes be a way for new drivers to get experience driving, or completing required hours for driving. It's the perfect time to familiarize one's self with the vehicle, and properly operating it.

  • Learn basic vehicle troubleshooting. Learn how to check the oil. Learn how to change a tire. Basically, learn the basics of being prepared for anything.

  • Have fun. Imagine the surprise your friends will get when they find out you got started on learning how to drive. Driving is a lifelong skill that is both a convenience and a privilege, and there's no better time to begin learning than when you have a break from your other responsibilities.

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