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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Florida Drivers Hardship License for Work

Getting a suspended license usually causes difficulty for people who need to get to and from work in their car. A way for suspended license holders to do so is to get a hardship license, which allows drivers to operate a vehicle while getting their license back. If you fall under any of these categories you may be required to complete a 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement course:

Suspended License / Revoked License - If your Drivers License has been suspended for 12 points within 12 months you will need to enroll in this course before applying for a hardship license. The DMV will also be sending you a letter requiring you to complete a 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement course. This is the most common option.
Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) - If your Drivers License has been suspended for 18 points within 18 months, you have received a letter from DMV requiring you to take a 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement course for HTO.
Court Ordered 12 Hour Traffic School - If your Driver’s License has been suspended and you appeared in Court and the Judge ordered you to take a 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement course.

A hardship license only applies for drivers who got a revoked license for points in Florida. There are 2 types of these restricted licenses:
  • For Business Purposes Only - This restricted license is granted for a person who shows the need to drive to and from work and to drive as a normal part of his or her job.
  • For Work Purposes Only - This restricted license allows the driver to drive to and from work and as a normal part of his or her job only.

Those who aren't qualified to get a hardship license are those who get a suspended license for being incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely, or those with a conviction for a DUI offense.

There are three steps to get apply for a hardship license in Florida:

1. Find an approved Florida 12 hour traffic school course, also called an advanced driver improvement course. Once a student signs up, they will receive a letter of enrollment. NOTE: You will have 90 days to complete the course and provide a completion certificate or your restricted license can be canceled.
2. Go to the Clerk of Court and get a "30 day search" for the Florida driving record. This takes just a few moments and the driver will then receive a letter about their driving record.
3. The driver must present the letter of enrollment from the 12 hour course, and the letter from the Clerk of Court to the DMV with a hearing officer. The driver will still be required to complete the 12 hour course first if they are branded as a "habitual offender." The hardship license will then be processed and mailed once the 12 hour course is completed.

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