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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Driver Safety for the Most Dangerous Highways in Florida

According to the NHSA, Florida's Interstate-95 is the most dangerous road in America today. Which is a paradox when you compare that data with public transportation, namely buses and trains to Florida.

Which tells us two things:

1.) accidents on these Florida roads are most likely caused by people who aren't familiar with the road, namely, tourists, and
2.) summer is a key factor to these accidents, as most happen during summertime, when thousands of tourists are going on roadtrips to Florida, driving in unfamiliar roads and being potential risks to traffic safety.

Here are three of the most dangerous roads in Florida today, some facts about them and how to keep safe while driving on them.

Interstate-95 – Being the longest north-south Interstate Highway in America, I-95 passes through 15 states in its length. It connects to several states such as Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Parts of the road carries at least 250,000 cars every day, on a normal day. Imagine if tourists were added to that number. The problem lies in not knowing the proper merging areas and exits on this road. A car might try to back down from the wrong exit and that might cause accidents. Also, there are parts of this road that are long stretches to drive on, making some new drivers feel comfortable in trying to speed through them. There are speed limits to this road, and following them will keep a driver safe. Also, mapping out on a GPS exactly which exits to take can make for a safer ride through I-95.

Interstate-4 – I-4, the way to most of Florida's theme parks, including Disney World and Universal Studios is the one bound to be the most accident-prone for tourists. As residents drive too fast, tourists are driving too slow, trying to figure out how to get to where they are going. Hotspots here to consider are the Maui curve, where drivers drive too fast and flip over and Kirkman road, where tourists usually can't figure out which way to go (right or left).

Interstate-75 – With major constructions currently ongoing on I-75, every turn has the potential for danger. The kicker is, lane shutdowns also happen after accidents. I-75 provides routes to Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Alabama and Georgia, among other places, and potholes on the road may go by unseen and cause accidents. Having full attention to the road while driving on the I-75 may provide increased safety.

Thousands of drivers go through these roads on a daily basis and each come home without an accident. Knowing the way to go and exits is a big plus, while maintaining full attention to driving and speed limits adds to safety.

Have a fun summer, and be careful of these roads!

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