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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Road Trip Safety Tips 2011

The Fourth of July is here once again, and what better way to celebrate freedom than an all-American-style road trip? If you're planning on hitting the road this weekend, remember that you might not be the only one.

This year, the fourth is on a Monday, which would signify a long weekend. As such, it is highly advised to be on the lookout as early as now, as some people extend their holidays by taking time off work early to hit the road.

Here are a couple of Fourth of July Road Trip Safety Tips to minimize the hassle and maximize enjoyment for you and your family:
  • Check your car. Are your tires worn-out or do they have the enough tire pressure? Does your battery have enough juice to last the whole trip? Are your lights in proper working order? Sometimes, it's easy to overlook such things when everyone is hectic in packing up for a fun getaway. Making sure that your vehicle is properly maintained will help lessen your chances of being stuck in traffic or worse, stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • Forget the fireworks. The Fourth of July is synonymous to blowing stuff up and lighting the sky. This time around, why not just forget it? There will be enough fireworks displays all around, so by just watching, you lessen the harm fireworks may bring to you or your family. Also, it is important to note that in some parts of the country, fireworks are downright illegal. Getting caught with them in your vehicle might just end your road trip. If you really must, familiarize yourself with the fireworks policies of your destination, and keep them away from small children.
  • Plan ahead. Find out if there are events or activities in your destination beforehand. This will help you plan your time and possibly avoid areas where there will be a large volume of vehicles.
  • Always park in covered areas. Remember this especially if you will be going to a place where there will be fireworks displays. Firework debris falling from the sky may harm you or your family, or damage your vehicle.
  • Keep food cool. If you are planning on having a barbeque, remember that the quality of food should be as important as the quality of your driving safety! If you will be using coolers, keep them out of direct sunlight and avoid opening them every so often. Keep food cool, especially meat and poultry and only pop them out when they're ready to grill. Use a different cooler for beverages and perishables. Most important of all: always clean up after you're done.

Have a fun and safe Independence Day!

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